Credit card fees?

Forget about it!


We have the first joint venture!

An old-fashioned payment method rethought! Our SEPAexpress Plus Product combines it all: simplicity, safety and a more cost-efficiency.
The clue: funds are settled in the same way as previously used for credit card funds.

Enter a seamless world of direct debits:

Totally reliable

We easily process all recurring payments across Europe. Without any surprises.

  • Improved safety

    Our account information service via Open Banking drastically reduces identity fraud. Only verified account holders can initiate transactions. Our performance promise: 80% no more chargebacks!

  • High trustworthiness

    No third-party interface relying on the well-known SEPA Scheme to ensure maximum confidence for your consumer, when going through the AIS check. All without website redirects.

  • Clear and transparent fees

    We combine the cost-effective SEPA direct debit with our AIS. The AIS fees are charged only once for the first transaction, for subsequent transactions simply the fees for the payment itself.

  • One integration, several Open Banking Providers

    A single integration and multiple open banking providers. This is the road to optimized transaction routing, highest acceptance rates and widest coverage across Europe.

  • Recurring transactions

    Only the first transaction requires an AIS check, after that recurring transactions are processed smoothly and automatically by direct debit. Forget about late or forgotten payments!

  • Compliance with regulations

    When it comes to data minimization according to DSGVO and GDPR, SEPAexpress is your pioneer! We take data protection more than seriously. Only data that we really need is used and exploited.

Plus Benefits

Seamless. Without any surprises. Totally reliable.

  • Forget about frauds! Only the account holder can complete the purchase.
  • Receive additionally meaningful webhooks getting the best practice about  dealing with chargebacks.
  • Best fee structure for SEPA direct debit!

SEPA direct debit (SDD) product overview

Features basic plus dynamic
sepa express integration Easy integration of direct debit (DD) for EU (SEPA) and UK (BACS) via API
White label
sepa direct debit reconciliation service Payment reconciliation'
recurring transactions SEPA direct debit Recurring transactions
AIS" Check for account holder identification incl. balance verification via Open Banking
Click mandate as an additional security level for optimal management of risk and conversion
TAN security TAN mandate as an additional security level for optimal management of risk and conversion
'Payment reconciliation: Is a modem way of accounting that compares internally recorded financial data with bank statements to ensure that they are all correct.
Our Account Information Service verifies the existence of the account and the eligibility for direct debit, so that failed payments can be avoided and chargebacks can be reduced by up to two thirds!


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