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SEPAexpress offers trusted and seamless, white-labeled account-to-account (A2A) payments for Payment Service Providers (PSPs), merchants and corporates. Launched in 2017 and acquired in 2022 by Banking Circle Group, SEPAexpress has rapidly established a reputation for innovating, enabling businesses to process direct debits faster and with less risk.


SEPAexpress guarantees smooth and secure transaction processing through a comprehensive product portfolio for risk assessment, dynamic mandate management and reconciliation. Its A2A payment solution is based on SEPA direct debit (SDD) and SEPA credit schemes (SCT). Using SEPAexpress unlocks more revenue, simplify the payment process for end-consumers and internal resources, get connected to the open banking universe and SEPAexpress partners all via one single API integration.


SEPA direct debit payments

SEPA Direct Debit payments offer several advantages over traditional card-based payments or popular e-wallet solutions. With significantly lower transaction fees and a simple checkout experience for end consumers, SEPA Direct Debit is an ideal payment solution for Payment Service Providers and merchants. SEPA direct debit being part of the pull payments means the transaction is initiated by you the creditor. Check out our product portfolio and experience the benefits of secure, efficient and cost-effective Account-to-Account (A2A) payments. Learn everything important about SEPA Direct Debit .


SEPA direct debit (SDD) product overview

sepa express integration Easy integration of direct debit (DD) for EU (SEPA) and UK (BACS) via one API
White label option
sepa direct debit reconciliation service Payment Reconciliation
recurring transactions SEPA direct debit Recurring transactions
Fully Payment Services Directive (PSD2) compliant
Fixed or variable amounts
Account Information Service (AIS) check for account holder identification incl. balance verification via open banking
Click mandate as an additional security level for optimal management of risk and conversion
TAN security TAN mandate as an additional security level for optimal management of risk and conversion
Payment Reconciliation: Is a modem way of accounting that compares internally recorded financial data with bank statements to ensure that they are all correct. Our Account Information Service verifies the existence of the account and the eligibility for direct debit, so that failed payments can be avoided and chargebacks can be reduced by up to two thirds!


The classic direct debit.

SEPAexpress BASIC is the classic direct debit. Our USP is to be a cost-effective alternative to expensive card-based or eWallet payment solutions. Given that we are an open banking gateway, you always have the possibility to top up with additional open banking services such as safety and risk management via SEPAexpress PLUS and DYNAMIC.

Fast Reconciliation

Faster status updates and chargeback reports ensure shipping fraud is prevented. Complete chargeback details available in as little as two banking days!

Low direct debit costs

SEPAexpress offers a clear and transparent fee structure. Through our optimized routing, capped fees and value-added services, we achieve the low total cost of processing direct debits.

Fully PSD2 compliant

Due to PSD2 regulations no additional strong customer authentification required. The result: better conversion rates, frictionless customer experiences and higher revenues for merchants.



Your seamless direct debit.

Better safe than sorry when using direct debit. Our PLUS product combines direct debit with an Account Information Service (AIS) during checkout to verify account holder and ability to pay. This way we are drastically minimising your chargeback risk, e.g., due to insufficient funds or invalid data.

Improved safety

Our account information service via Open Banking drastically reduces identity fraud. Only verified account holders can initiate transactions. Our performance promise: 80% no more chargebacks!

One integration, several Open Banking Providers

A single integration and multiple open banking providers. This is the road to optimized transaction routing, highest acceptance rates and widest coverage across Europe.

High trustworthiness

No third-party interface to ensure the highest possible confidence for the consumer, when going through the AIS check. All without website redirects.



The advanced direct debit.

Dynamic Mandate management – as dynamic as your business. Based on pull-payment SEPA direct debit we offer different levels of security related to your customer’s profile. With our dynamic mandate management, an Account Information Service (AIS) and in-house risk scoring the SEPAexpress DYNAMIC product offers optimised balance between end-consumer conversion and merchants security.

Conversion and security well-balanced

We always select and issue the right mandate tailored specifically to your customer. Secured revenues and cost efficiency guaranteed!

Intelligent risk management

Forget about failed payments or chargebacks! Our carefree, internally developed risk model will handle it and keep you safe.


Save unnecessary costs! By automatically always steering the right type of mandate to your respective customer.


SEPA (Inst) credit transfer

Maximize security and saving time with the SEPA (Inst) credit transfer solution. Our mass payout option is able to pay multiple end-consumers simultaneously on a high-volume level.


SEPA credit transfers (SCT) and SEPA instant credit transfers enable the end-consumer or payer to request the payment process (push payment). Receive immediate technical approval of transactions, receive reconciliation reports about money flow status and realise a maximum security with a payment service where no chargebacks are possible.


SEPA credit transfer (SCT) product overview

sepa express integration Easy integration of credit transfer (CT) for EU (SEPA) via one API
White label option
sepa direct debit reconciliation service Payment reconciliation (coming soon)
Fully Payment Services Directive (PSD2) compliant
Fixed or variable amounts
Payment Initiation Service (PIS) via open banking (chargeback is not possible with this procedure)
SEPA credit card transfer SEPA CT for payouts to consumers and partners
From end customer to PSP/merchant
From PSP/merchant to end customer
The Payment Initiation Service is part of open banking, where a third-party service provider is given permission to connect to the bank account and initiate payments on its behalf after successful authentication.


Your instant bank transfer solution.

SEPAexpress REQUEST TO PAY combines SEPA (Inst) credit transfers with open banking service Payment Initiation Service (PIS) where the end-consumer executes the transaction directly and is verified via 2 Factor Authentification (2FA). Merchants receive immediate notification about the payment and their chargeback risk drops to zero. Additional advantages are cut down costs, simplified checkout-process and accelerated cash flow.

Direct cash flow

From the customer’s bank account directly to the merchant’s bank account. No intermediary, no deposit or delayed payout anymore!

Chargebacks? Forget about it!

Transfers are only executed if the customer has successfully authenticated through Open Banking (2FA). Once the SEPA Credit Transfer has been confirmed, the payment is secured.

One integration, several Open Banking Providers

A single integration and multiple open banking providers. This is the road to optimized transaction routing, highest acceptance rates and widest coverage.



For credits and bulk payments.

Offer simultaneous (mass) payouts promptly without much effort. SEPAexpress PAYOUT enables merchants the possibility for simultaneous (mass) payouts for their consumers. The payout can be triggered by consumers themselves saving the merchant effort, time and thus money.

Immediate and prompt

All payouts are always instantly initiated in EUR & GBP. No waiting time, no loss - ready to use immediately!

In mass and simultaneously

Our single API solution enables simultaneous payouts to a large number of partners such as affiliate marketers, publishers, suppliers and sub-merchants, including a full reconciliation service.

Coming soon: Simplified communication

Initiate payouts by using EBICS. For fast and flexible payment processing at the highest level of security.

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